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Hi friends! Welcome to official AJ notifs page. This is a collab page to post anything you want appropriate and AJ related of course, good explains would be 'worths to AJ items, or beta testing info, and any updates to the game some player may not know about, we would also want to welcome the New Jammers and you could post AJ basics. Obviously those were just examples and you can post what you want but that is the definition you could say to this 'wiki. Edit

Rules & Regulations

-Bullying and or miss conduct will not be tolerated

-Remember kids will be on this wiki so keep it age appropriate nothing you wouldnt say infront of your gma.

-Exposing of others and causing bad tension is not permitted

-Lying is not permitted

-Racism is not permitted

--If any of these are violated a total of more than 3x you will be reported and blocked from using this wiki, which means you have 3 warnings--

If there are any questions or concerns please contact me though wiki i perfer not AJ because its very difficult to do so on there.

Thankyou, Cara/ SK


My main AJ-

My backup AJ- fluffyducky50

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